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Deskpro for HR Teams

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Many HR teams trust Deskpro every day. We have included a quick recipe to show you the benefits Deskpro can bring to your HR team.

Deskpro's key features to help your team flourish:

  • Approvals
  • Permissions
  • Self-service
  • Contact form
  • Integrations with other CRM software
  • GDPR and Security

This recipe will talk you through how to set up each of these features and why they will benefit your team.


Many HR teams have a request management or approvals process to ensure that management can sign off on any decisions they are needed to make.

You can read our article to see how you can set up an effective approval process, to allow for tickets to be sent to their approver automatically, approved and then resolved accordingly. Allowing more time to be spent on tickets, rather than chasing up approvals.


As sensitive information is often shared with HR teams, at Deskpro we are very aware of how important agent permissions can be. That is why we have developed an extremely extensive selection of permissions, for ultimate flexibility.

We find this is incredibly useful if you are using Deskpro alongside another department within your organization e.g. Your IT team.

We have included an article that covers both how extensive the list of permissions is but also a walkthrough of applying these permissions on those departmental and group level.


Aside from the increased efficiency of ticketing, at Deskpro, we also have a full user portal, for self-service use, to decrease the number of recurring tickets your team has to handle.

Having a user portal allows you to store documentation, such as policy agreements that your employees may want to download and read. As well as giving you a space to write useful FAQs and news articles to limit these easy questions becoming tickets.

The inbuilt contact form also comes with ticket deflection, so as your employees type the ticket subject, Deskpro will offer knowledgebase articles that match.

Contact Form

We know how much HR requests can vary and how important it is to get all the specific information you need, first time. The portal contact form allows you to create a completely customized, dynamic contact form. So that you don't need to worry about chasing up employees for extra information, you can just focus on resolving their issue.


If you have some responses that you send repeatedly each time you receive a particular type of request, you can avoid having to retype this response each time by using snippets. These allow you to insert pre-saved responses which can contain attached files etc, and edit before sending to a user.

Integrations with other CRM software 

Deskpro can integrate with a number of other pieces of software as well as being able to integrate with authentication applications, meaning your users and agents don't need to have new Deskpro login details, you can choose from a variety of options such as Active Directory or Google.

GDPR and Security 

At Deskpro, we have made sure that we are compliant with GDPR regulations.

We know that HR teams are often handling sensitive data, so by using features like escalations, you can clear all ticket attachments after a certain amount of time.

Case Studies 

We have a range of case studies on our website from different companies, detailing how Deskpro has transformed their processes. Find out how Deskpro has benefited other HR teams below:

We offer a free 14-day trial as well as a 30 minute webinar demo with a member of our team  who can talk you through Deskpro's features and capabilities. If you have any other questions you'd like to discuss with us, please send an email to

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