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Deskpro for IT Teams

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Many IT teams have chosen to use Deskpro to manage internal IT requests from within their company. Deskpro's powerful customization and automation features give IT teams the ability to manage incidents and requests with ease and effectiveness.

This article is designed to highlight some of the key Deskpro features that will benefit your team and answer some commonly asked questions. The article will cover:

  • Creating an effective, customized contact form for users to submit requests to
  • Categorizing tickets
  • Auto-assignment - route requests to the most relevant team or technician
  • Collaboration
  • Logging tasks and tracking projects
  • Easily track and respond to incidents from the help desk
  • Useful integrations

Dynamic Contact Forms

When dealing with IT-related requests, ensuring that users provide key information about their issue or request upfront helps you to manage their request more efficiently, reducing the amount of communication back and forth and avoiding the need to prompt the user for the vital information.

You can define the information the form collects by adding your own custom fields and designing your form layouts.

You can follow our guide to setting up an effective, customized contact form.

The information provided by the user will be visible immediately to the agent within the ticket, empowering them to quickly troubleshoot or process a request.

Categorizing Tickets

Easily categorize and segment the different types of requests you receive. Effectively categorizing your tickets allows you to report on the different types of tickets you are handling and auto-assign tickets based on different criteria. You can apply labels to tickets, users or organizations for quick and flexible categorization. You can also use  ticket fields to store more detailed information within tickets. 

Our built-in Filters mean that you always have access to easily view tickets assigned to you or your team which require your attention, but you can also create custom Filters to ensure that you have clear visibility of the tickets that are most relevant to you or that you wish to keep track of.  Customize your view of the ticketing interface even further by grouping tickets by priority, waiting time or other criteria.

Automatic Ticket Assignment or Routing

Deskpro provides you with various options when it comes to ticket assignment. You can manually assign tickets (often favored by smaller teams), set up Round Robin groups to evenly distribute new tickets or automatically route tickets to specific technicians or teams using Triggers. If you find that the assignment of a ticket needs to be changed, you can manually re-assign the ticket in two clicks.


Our collaboration features make working together on tickets easier than ever.  You can add comments in a ticket which are only ever visible to agents using our Internal Note feature. If you @mention an agent in an internal note and they are online in the helpdesk, this will ping the agent in the internal agent IM so they immediately see the note and have a link to the specific ticket ID. Email notifications can also be sent, ensuring agents can be kept in the loop even when logged out of the help desk. This can really speed up the process of notifying agents of any urgent situations. 

Managing Tasks or Projects

With Deskpro you can create tasks which are linked to specific tickets. If you receive requests which require different members of the team to action multiple items simultaneously, you can assign the tasks to different agents and allow everyone to keep track of progress within one ticket.

If you have some requests which require you to complete a number of tasks in a set sequence, you can set up a reusable checklist of tasks within a ticket and setup workflows to automatically reassign the ticket to whichever agent upon completion of the previous task.

Problems & Incidents

If you are affected by an incident which impacts a large area of the business, resulting in multiple tickets being sent in by concerned employees, you can easily track and manage these requests using our Problems & Incidents feature. When you have an update to share, reply to all tickets at once using our Mass Actions feature.

Approvals/Change Management

Setup workflows to handle requests which require approval from Management or external stakeholders, such as equipment purchases.


  • Do you integrate with Active Directory?

Yes, you can setup Active Directory for both Agents and Users.

  • What other integrations do you support?

We have a number of native apps within Deskpro such as Jira, Trello and Slack to name a few. We also have a full REST API, an apps and widgets framework as well as a Zapier integration. We offer a range of different authentication and SSO integrations.

  • Can I create internal tickets?

Yes, you can create new tickets which are for internal use only. Every ticket needs to be associated with a 'user' so you would need to create a dummy user for each team. These tickets can be assigned to agents or a team of agents just like your user tickets.

  • Do you support Asset Management?

Whilst we don't currently have an Asset Management module within Deskpro, it is possible to track assets with the use of custom user fields or ticket fields.

  • Do you have a mobile app?

Yes, we have both an iOS and Android app which agents can use to manage tickets on the go.

Case Studies

We have a range of case studies on our website from different companies, detailing how Deskpro has transformed their support processes. Find out how Deskpro has benefited other IT teams below:

We offer a free 14-day trial as well as a 30 minute webinar demo with a member of our team  who can talk you through Deskpro's features and capabilities. If you have any other questions you'd like to discuss with us, please send an email to

  • April 2019
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