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How do I attach files and images to tickets? - Knowledgebase / FAQs - DeskPRO

How do I attach files and images to tickets?

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Deskpro offers several different methods to add attachments and images to your ticket replies. Simply choose the method that fits your needs at the time.

Attachments and images differ in that images will be displayed inline with your reply. This is helpful if your reply message refers to specific images at different times. Attachments will simply be listed at the end of your message. Attachments do not have to be images

Note that some of the more advanced features here do not work with Internet Explorer. We recommend using Firefox or Chrome instead.

Basic Method

The most basic way to upload attachments or images is to click the appropriate button. To insert an attachment, click the  in the upper left of the reply box. To insert an image into your reply, click the  on the editor toolbar and follow the on screen instructions.

Drag and Drop

Note: this feature is not supported in Internet Explorer.

If you have the file you want to attach or image you want to insert saved on your computer, you can simply drag it into your reply. When you do this, you will see two areas where you can drop the file.

If you drop it into the top half, it will be added as an attachment (at the end of the message). If you drop it into the bottom half, it will be inserted directly into your message where you were last typing, provided the file is an image.

Copy and Paste in the Editor

Note: this feature is not supported in Internet Explorer.

The final way to insert an image directly into your message is perhaps the easiest method. Here, while you are typing your message, you simply paste the image that you want to display as if it were text. The image will be detected and automatically uploaded and inserted. This image can be part of your clipboard (such as from pressing print screen) or, in Firefox only, a file on your computer that you chose to copy.

Note that Chrome does not currently support pasting files directly (such as if you picked a file on your computer and selected "copy"). Chrome currently only supports pasting image data that is within your clipboard (such as the data from pressing print screen).

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